Path To Birth - Fertility

Where to Start?

Hi, welcome to Path to Birth!

If you’ve come to this blog you are probably someone who is thinking about starting a family, in the process of trying to start a family and experiencing some fertility challenges, or are close to someone who is having trouble trying to conceive.

Fertility struggles are, unfortunately, so common these days. Despite this fact, people are often not comfortable talking about their experiences as such an intensely personal experience.

Over time the path I have taken to achieve my pregnancy dreams has led me to try all sorts of different methods to enhance my fertility and maintain my sanity!

Path to Birth is designed to share these experiences, and what has worked, or not worked, for me. I hope its something that provides some help to others either by letting you know someone else out there has experienced it as well, or by pointing you in the direction of something new that might help you or a loved one to cope with fertility challenges.

I cover over a lot of different elements so I have grouped some of my posts below in to topic areas that might help direct you to what areas interest you!

Happy reading!

Fertility Foods

I’m a big believer in you are what you eat. My fertility challenges have led me to clean up my diet and lifestyle significantly and in these posts I share some of the things I have learnt that have helped me on that pathway.

Hump Day Hints

Hump Day Hints are my little hidden gems or things I have found to be great value and support to me in my fertility journey that I want to share with others!


I believe mind and body are intrinsically linked. It can be hard to remain positive, stay sane and to keep hope and belief in your pregnancy dream alive. These posts touch on ways I have found helpful to use the powerful mind-body connection to manage the emotional side of the fertility pathway you are on.

Pregnancy Loss

These posts talk about my experiences and coping techniques from my pregnancy losses

Medical Treatment/IVF/Diagnosis

These posts talk about my personal experiences with fertility treatments, what I have learnt from them and how I’ve coped with the process.


These posts talk about balancing family, step children, older children and your relationships with your fertility struggles

Monday Musings

Short posts about motivational quotes that inspire me in my fertility journey, and why…


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