Fertility & Wellness Coach Path To Birth Jess Lowe

About Me!

My name is Jess Lowe and I live in Melbourne Australia.

I’m lucky to be married to an incredible man (hereafter known as DH (Darling Husband) through whom I have also been blessed to gain a very, very cool stepson (hereafter known as Master L). Rounding out our family are the ever-adorable Charlie and Luna- our furry kids (I mean cats).

For the last two and a half years DH and I have been trying to make a miracle of our own to add to this brood, and we have come up against many challenges- long months of trying to conceive naturally with no success, two ectopic pregnancies, the loss of both my fallopian tubes and now IVF.

This experience has certainly been hard, but I have learnt a lot about myself and it has inspired me to become active in the fertility and pregnancy community. My own experience has been that there is very little support and outlets out there for emotional side effects faced by couples, often women in particular, who are on a longer and more complicated pathway to creating a family.

Trying to Conceive (TTC) and pregnancy are such an intensely personal experiences that can have so many stigmas attached to them that people find it hard to share, or to know who to share with.

Path To Birth was created from this thinking. I felt such a pull to find a way to contribute to making other women and couple’s pathways to parenthood easier than mine has been. Its taken a long time and a lot of work to get myself to a stage where I feel ok about my fertility. I couldn’t help but feel that with the right support I might have reached this point sooner.

So I followed my passion and became a Fertility and Wellness Coach and started Path To Birth! I just LOVE working helping to move people from a place of fear and doubt to one of confidence and courage as they navigate the challenges of fertility struggles and difficulties with lifestyle changes. It really is such an inspiring job!

I am looking forward to sharing my own personal fertility adventures – along with things I have learnt in my continued studies and professional practice – to hopefully give some support to the wonderful, strong women (and couples) out there who are forging forward on their own pathway to creating, safely growing and delivering that beautiful new life!

I hope you enjoy this blog – if you do please share it with others who might also and please comment and share your stories too!

If you are interested in finding out more about Fertility and or Wellness Coaching and how I might be able to work with you on your fertility journey please reach out to me via my Facebook page – web page coming soon!

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