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Does Infertility Define You?

At our last appointment our Doctor dictated a ‘please explain’ letter to the head embryologist in front of us (our last three rounds have tanked, but all for different reasons) and he described me like this:

“I have a patient with long-term fertility issues, who is a poor responder to medications, has a history of repeated miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy along with immune issues that impact implantation. She has difficulty producing eggs and the couple has recently had difficulty producing embryos with repeated 100% failure to fertilise on ICSI and low numbers from natural fertilisation methods despite normal sperm sample…..”

My hubby and I had a laugh about it on the way out – our Doctor is brilliant, which is why we see him, but sometimes lacks ‘bedside touch’.

Part of what made me chuckle was is this is how I’m defined, how I’m known, in the IVF world.

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